DMA ’07 – “We met at the DMA’s…”


I learn alot at every conference I attend.  DMA ’07 was no different but……the last two weeks, post-DMA, at work has been filled with calls from agencies, database solutions, and package suppliers.  I don’t mind a sales call as long as the sales person doesn’t mind a blow off when I’m busy.  What totally does kill me is sales person who doesn’t do research.  Better yet, they don’t even look at the business card from which they got my name and number.  My card states my title clearly as “eCommerce Director” thus, asking me if we have a web site is quite silly.  As is, “Do you guys sell things on your site?”  My card also has a picture of our product as well as the product is in the name of the company, but I still get questions like,”So what do you guys sell?”

My advice to sales people is go to people’s sites before you call, read their about us page, research their industry (even 15 second on Google will help).  Otherwise, for the sales people that call me, you will be directed to this page for a little advice.

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