Social Media “Planning”

I prefaced a recent social media proposal with the following:

“I have always believed that failing to plan is planning to fail and failing to plan within a social media strategy is planning to fail in public! But I have always struggled with the concept of creating a social media plan. I believe that planning is a crucial part of any growing business but in the case of social media, writing a plan makes us feel as though we are in control of things we can’t actually control. The entire social media experience is about granting control to the consumer. The consumer is going to follow the path of his own choosing and we’d best follow.

As plans are traditionally inconsistent with improvisation, it is imperative to understand from the beginning that this plan must be held loosely enough that changing direction may happen because that’s what makes sense today.

Similar to a boat captain guiding a crew onto the ocean, I am familiar with the journey we are beginning. The most valuable lesson I have learned in my years of working in social media is that the journey is unpredictable and will take us where it wants. Our job is to steer the boat into the waves and enjoy the ride!”

What do you think?…too Jerry McGuire?

Social Media Plan


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