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Concrete Countertops – Update #2

We will eventually tile the backsplash with white subway tile.

We will eventually tile the backsplash with white subway tile.

I have been working rather slowly on my concrete counter tops that I mentioned in an earlier post.  I have poured and finished most sections.  I only have one section remaining. The final section is the one that will house the sink.  I have been procrastinating because I am nervous about making it correctly.

We used double the charcoal colored tint recommended and they still seemed lighter than we expected.

We used double the charcoal colored tint recommended and they still seemed lighter than we expected.

The one piece that we have installed is a short section just beside our stove.  It has been in place for about  months and has weathered fine.  This little section gets lots of traffic from cooking and as it is right by the door as you enter the kitchen.  I hope to finish polishing the other pieces soon and get them installed.

I would like to have installed the other pieces by now but we have had a very busy last six months.  My wife and I tend to work long hours and not spend much time at home that shouldn’t we shouldn’t be sleeping or reconnecting.  Our busy lives got even busier last week when after a bad fall, my mother was rush to surgery and them rehab.  While she is in rehab, my wife and I are taking care of her two adopted daughters.  My little sisters are 5 & 7 and the never stop moving, talking, eating…..and most time consuming: needing attention. I have a new respect for parents and how to accomplish anything.

Hopefully we will install the other two large pieces this fall and maybe pour the final piece.  I’ll update you guys as the slow progress happens!


BarCamp Charlotte – BarCampCLT January 23-24

Coming up later on January is an excellent for marketers and developers in the Carolina area to network and learn from each other.  

The first Bar Camp hosted in Charlotte .

The first Bar Camp hosted in Charlotte .

Check it out and sign up if you can make it.  If you are going to be there, let’s plant to meet up and talk shop.

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Concrete Countertop Update

This is a the mix I use for countertops.  It already has fibers in it and anti-shinking stuff! Also, it's available at our local Lowe's.

This is a the mix I use for countertops. It already has fibers in it and anti-shinking stuff! Also, it

I never knew that I could fall in love with any masonry product, but in fact, I have!  Concrete is am amazing medium to work with.  Although my first attempt at concrete countertops was a little disappointing, I have learned alot and plan to soon retry creating my own concrete kitchen countertops. 

The first attempt at the countertops was attempted over several days.  One my first day I only poured a small section of countertop space and was terribly worried as the concrete mix turned out far too soupy.  It seems that the DIY shows instruct you to mix all substances “to the consistency of peanut-butter.”  Well, my first concrete mix was more like split pea soup.  I poured it in the small mold anyways and hoped for the best.  Several days later I had a chance to mix a much larger batch of concrete for two other sections of the concrete countertops.  I was very careful this time to make sure I achieved that perfect buttery consistency.  Ce’ Magnifique!  I achieved the perfect concrete consistency for countertops.  After pouring the concrete mix into the two larger molds, I decided to crack open the smaller soupy mold I poured earlier in the week.  After unscrewing the deck screws holding the melamine mold together I cracked the silicone caulk seals and flipped over an absolutely perfect 14″ section of concrete countertop.  I carried the 40 lb. slab with me the rest of the day showing anyone who would listen to my story of home improvement victory.  Later that night I began to think about how the consistency of my “perfect batch” might give a different result.  My thoughts were correct.  Four days later when I cracked that molds, I found the countertop surface to be laden with thousands of air bubbles due to the mix being too thick. Also, a 2″ think countertop that is 12 sq. ft. is far heavier than I can even imagine being able to move.  

Sometime in the next month I hope to try again.  This time I am going to strive to achieve that perfect soupy mix I originally was ashamed of and I am also going to make the countertops only 1.5″ thick.

I have a full list of products I used and some great solutions that the current recources online don’t address for this DIY project.  I even have a few videos of the first attempt.  I will load those once I achieve success.

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DIY – Concrete Countertops

Kimberly and I are going to take advantage of the long weekend to upgrade our kitchen in a significant way: homemade concrete countertops.  When we purchased our house three years ago we inheirited a set of country-rose colored laminate countertops that had been sponge painted. (The previous owner watched way too many episodes of Trading Spaces.)

After reading through several how-to’s on making your own concrete countertops, I feel prepared to attempt it.  It will either save us a bout $2,000 or waste $400.  I’m willing to make that gamble.  The best how-to I found was at Instructables ( Instructable’s concrete countertops ).

I will post some before, after and during photos and videos here as the project progresses.

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Apples to Drink, Apples to Eat, Apples to Buy

This weekend Kimberly and I went to the Windy Orchard Apple Festival to indulge in a little bit of fall. We also met my friend Adam, his wife, and baby. Adam and I went to college and worked as camp counselors together. It freaks me out a little bit to think that he has a child. It was only yesterday that we were doing stupid stuff in junior college.

Enough reflection on growing old. The festival was very fun. The had hay rides, a sunflower maze, Johnny Appleseed, and apple cider pressing demonstrations…oh, and apple donuts! Mmmmmmmm…..dooooooonuts!

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