A New Direction for Walt

I have many passions in my life: God, my wife, my work, cigars, food…so far I have only really focused on my work here. If you have read this blog you can probably imagine that I work in internet marketing. It’s a great and complex subject that is constantly changing and evolving. I have now decided that my contribution to the endless amount of content on the web will also include a something I am more passionate about: Cigars. In my short time on this earth I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed many delicious, fine cigars. My memories of my past are almost always center around experiences with friends, family, and even strangers who I have shared a smoke with…often at night, almost always outside, and normally while discussing the grandest of subjects: God, future, our nation, relationships….

I don’t really know if I even like cigars. Their taste is sometimes harsh and the whispers of smoke often go in my nostrils and burn in my upper sinuses. But, every morning that I wake after smoking a cigar the night before, the taste of that cigar lingers and so do the memories of the night before, and the other grand times over the past dozen years or so I have had while smoking a cigar.

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BarCamp Charlotte – BarCampCLT January 23-24

Coming up later on January is an excellent for marketers and developers in the Carolina area to network and learn from each other.  

The first Bar Camp hosted in Charlotte .

The first Bar Camp hosted in Charlotte .

Check it out and sign up if you can make it.  If you are going to be there, let’s plant to meet up and talk shop.



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My Neti Pot Saved My Career – A Testimonial Example

It all started with a visit from my wife’s hippie roommate from college.  She was telling us all about all the amazing remedies and herbal things that she sales at her hippie nature store in San Fransisco.  All this time I was barely paying attention until she mentioned the improvement in breathing she experienced after using a neti pot.  After much talk about the origins and “aboriginal traditions involving”…..zzzzzzzzz……she got to the words I was waiting on, “This is how it works…”.  I immediately got on the internet and saw that there were several non-hippies that had tried and enjoyed using a neti pot.  I also found that most drugs stores carry them.  I purchased one and found that she was right.  I slept better and breathed easier all day after using it. 
This is the neti pot I use.  Click the image to see a YouYube instructional video on using a neti pot.

This is the neti pot I use. Click the image to see a YouTube instructional video on using a neti pot.

 One Month Later:  I recently acquired the PR department of my company and as the holidays were approaching my company president approached me and asked if I could put together a  nice digital media kit for one of our companies holiday product line.  I jumped at the chance and decided that we were going to use video and Flash to create a interactive experience guided by a video host.  Limited time and budget constraints meant hiring outside talent was not possible.  That only left one option: Walt.

For days before the filming I read over the tongue-twister laden, over alliterative script and channeled my best James Earl Jones voice.  The day before the shoot through I began to feel a small itch in my throat that soon became soreness and then total congestion though my chest and sinuses.  I thought to myself, this couldn’t come at a worse time, but then suddenly I remembered my neti pot.  I used it once that evening when I got home from work and once in the morning before leaving to film.  Due to my neti pot, I was able to speak clearly and make it through my project without the congestion that I had the day before.
Now that you have heard all that….don’t you want to buy a neti pot?  That’s the power of customer testimonies!
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Top Ten Retailer Thoughts This Holiday Season

10.  Profit margins are for wussies.

9.  Maybe nudity would increase sales?

8.  I heard those new ninja throwing shoes are selling well this year.

7.  Is it possible for us to sale anti-depressants?

6.  I wonder if I can use some of our merchandise returns as gifts this year.

5.  Can we get use our employee discount on anti-depressants?

4.  I bet it’s that damn Santa who’s stealing our market share.

3.  We should air a holiday television special that says the “True meaning of Christmas” is gifts.

2.  How can I convince consumers that our iPods are greener than our competitors’?

1.  Maybe we can stay competitive with everyone else’s discounts if we give everything away for free ?

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Google Chrome – Sweet, Now Google Will Know Everything!

Google just announced today on their blog that tomorrow they will be releasing a beta version of a browser they designed called ‘Chrome’.  While I use and appreciate many of the tools that Google produces, I often question, like many, their usage of personal data for ad displays. 

Google Chrome Interface

Google Chrome Interface

Currently Google analyzes that the content of the pages you look at to display ads that are related to the content of the page.  Once Google had the tracking power of Google Toolbar and now the Chrome browser, Google has the ability to track viewing and purchasing history for individual web users instead of individual web pages.  It is very similar to the power Amazon has to match you with products that people with similar purchase histories prefer, except during your entire web experience.  While it proves somewhat convenient to have products displayed to me on a shopping marketplace, I don’t want to have this targeted bombardment of advertisements in the same way every time I use the internet. 

Google Chrome Beta - Creates Privacy Concerns

Google Chrome Beta - Creates Privacy Concerns

I expect Google will release a statement saying that they will not use the technology for this purpose like several of their projects before, but this is just one more time when we are putting something of incredible strength and power into Google’s hands without any accountability for privacy.

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PC term for PR?

Is the term PR correct or viewed in a good light?  It seems like many companies are calling that department corporate communications.  As I was recently promoted to Director of PR at my company, I was wondering. 

Please feel free to comment.

UPDATE: I found that Wikipedia has two different definitions for the positions that explains the difference:



I should have known Wiki-P would be there for me!

UPDATE:  I think I have decided that Media Relations will work for now.  It doesn’t nearly explain all that is encompassed, but it is a starting place.

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The Evolution of Web 3.0 and Semantic Web Search – Part 1

It is that easy

Get Ready For Some Veritas From An Insomniatic Internet Marketer

Ever since someone coined the phrase Web 2.0 it seems that people have been speculating and predicting what Web 3.0 will involve.  I guess I am no different except that my speculations are closer to mainly limited to how it will affect search engines.  It is very probably that Web 3.0 will include a surge in modular applications and a new dimension of social/open source media, but the largest development will be the release of semantic-style search to the mass market.

Currently, most search engine technology is based off simple word matching.  For instance, if your search for ‘pink auto’  in most standard search engines you will pull results for the term ‘pink auto’ and maybe even ‘hot pink automobiles’, but it is not likely that you will get results for a ‘magenta suv’ or a ‘flamingo-colored Cadillac”….(suddenly tired…to be continued)

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